QCI is operating a “Professional Membership Scheme”, providing a platform to all those who have a passion to become a part of the National Quality Movement and support its cause. The scheme is open for all professionals - Pan India. There is also a separate category for organisations to join the scheme.

Membership Type

Presently three broad categories of membership are being operated; namely, individual (Student, International) Institutional and organisation/corporate membership. There are different categories of membership and its own criteria for registration.The details are given. Please click on the following url for registration http://nbqp.qci.org.in/membership/about-scheme

NBQP is one of the five constituent Boards of the Quality Council of India (QCI) which was set up in 1997 as an autonomous body jointly by the Government of India and the three premier industry associations, i.e. Cll, FICCI and ASSOCHAM with the objective of establishing & operating a "National Accreditation Structure " and to implement the "National Quality Campaign program" in all the sectors , pan-India. read more

QCI Bank Details PMS Brochure Membership Application Form

Membership Type Category Membership Fee Structure Entitlement to Free Registration
Organizational (Corporate) Corporate Small (Turnover up to 10 Crores) INR. 5,000/- 4
Corporate Medium (Turnover up to 10 – 100 Crores) INR. 10,000/- 7
Corporate Large (Turnover above 100 Crores) INR. 20,000/- 10
Corporate International INR 20100/- [~USD 300]* 10
Hospital Small Hospital (up to 50 Beds) INR. 5,000/- 4
Medium Hospital (50 – 200 Beds) INR. 10,000/- 7
Big Hospital (above 200 Beds) INR. 20,000/- 10
Education School INR. 1,000/- 2
College INR. 2,000/- 4
University / Professional Institute INR. 5,000/- 6
NGOs Any Type INR. 2,000/- 2
Individual Full member (Quality Practitioner with 3 or more year's experience) INR. 1,500/-  
Life Member (Quality practitioner with 3 or more year's experience) INR. 10,000/-  
Student INR. 500/-  
International INR 10050/- [~USD 150]*  
  1. All membership tenures pertain to an annual term, except for life which is valid for 10 years.
  2. GST will be charged extra, as applicable on date of processing of application (current 18%).
  3. One time admission fee of Rs. 1500/- will be charged on fresh applications for Sl. No. 1-2 & Rs. 1000/- for Sl. No. 3-4.
  4. The conversion rate for 1 USD = INR 67 has been taken based on the last 6 month average and this will be reviewed every quarter.
  5. Admission fee will be applicable for membership renewals request recieved at QCI beyond 45 days of expiry.
  6. Duplicate Card fees Rs.250 + Postage
  7. Duplicate Certificate fees Rs.250 + Postage

The Organizational members will be entitled to register appropriate number of employees as individual members as applicable. All members shall conduct themselves according to NBQP code of ethics http://nbqp.qci.org.in/membership/code-of-ethics.