Code of Ethics

QCI membership is a testimony for a quality professional's/organisation's involvement in quality related activities in his/her/their work domain. Professional Membership Scheme does not imply membership to the QCI Board. This certificate is only to ensure the appropriate use of QCI membership for individual / organisational growth as well as Quality promotional activities. There shall be no misrepresentation of facts to demean QCI, or inappropriate promotion for commercial interest.

QCI members are expected to promote the dignity of the profession and solemnly affirm to abide by the following Do and Don’t;

  • use only valid QCI membership status and number for promotional purpose
  • send only valid documents to support the membership application
  • strive to increase the competence and prestige of quality profession.
  • maintain membership as a means for quality allegiance and professional growth and avoid the use of such membership for the sole purpose of solicitation of business or for personal financial gains.
  • continue with professional development as well as facilitate the same for others.
  • offer feedback with suggestions for improvement or involvement and contribute to the quarterly magazine.


  • use QCI/NBQP logo through any print and digital media
  • do not use any phrase other than that quoted in bold in the certificate issued while quoting the membership category in any document or media
  • send any Project report/data to QCI unless asked for
  • involve in fraudulent, illegal/ criminal activities or unethical conduct as it may call for debarring of membership / cancellation of membership
  • criticize or use hate language/ speech while interacting with other members
  • engage in unethical, unprofessional practices or political dialogues with other QCI registered members.
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