National Board for Quality Promotion (NBQP)

A Constituent Board of Quality Council of India



About Nbqp

About National Board for Quality Promotion (NBQP) Realizing the need that the country requires establishment of quality culture to support economic growth, Quality Council of India (QCI) started National Quality Campaign (NQC) for which a NQC Committee was established in February 1999. The main focus of the committee was to conduct various industry – focused programs to improve quality and competitiveness across different sectors of industry. Initially, the National Quality Campaign was funded through contributions made by six ministries/departments of Government of India. In the 7th Annual Meeting of QCI – April 11, 2005 based on the recommendation of the 15th Governing Body to reorganize its campaign activities it was decided to up-grade the National Quality Campaign Committee as National Board for Quality Promotion (NBQP) in February 28, 2007. NBQP, is one of the integral boards of QCI

Our Leadership

Mr. Vipin Sondhi


Mr. Vipin Sondhi is an alumnus of The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, The Indian Institute …Read More

Dr. A. Raj


Dr. A. Raj has been employed with the Quality Council of India (QCI) since 2015 and is currently posted as the …Read More

Quality Setu


A centralized information and enquiry system. An initiative of the National Board for Quality Promotion.



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