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A: The National Board for Quality Promotion (NBQP) is a constituent Board of the Quality Council of India that aims to take the message of quality to the masses and promote quality consciousness, practices, and competitiveness in Indian industries, government, and academia.

A: To fulfil the vision of becoming a developed nation by 2047, the culture of Quality has to be ingrained in the DNA of the nation in the coming few years. NBQP will be guided by a vision that consolidates all the efforts in the direction of enabling ‘Quality of Life’ for citizens of India.

A: To build this culture of Quality consciousness that enables both demand and supply of quality in all walks of life, NBQP objective is to:
  • Engage with all stakeholders
  • Educate them in quality & related activities and
  • Empower them to take forward this cause in their respective domain
A: NBQP is involved in Quality Conclaves, Registration Schemes, Assessment projects, and Projects related to System Improvements and also engages in activities that take the message of quality to the masses. The Board also provides technical support to both Central/State government departments.
A: The objective of this vertical is to promote the meaning of Quality along with the promotion of QCI and its constituent Boards & Divisions to the mass audience and infuse the importance of quality in the subconscious minds of people.

To enable achieving the objectives, the NBQP verticals have been aligned as follows:

• Vertical for Nationwide PR/Outreach
• Vertical for Projects, Assessment, Grading, Awards and Technical support for quality Improvement
• Vertical for Education Quality Promotion
• Vertical for Events (Conclaves / QCI powered sessions /Networking Meet)
• Vertical for Creating a one-QCI ICT: Quality Setu (National Information Enquiry Service)
• Vertical for Establishing Connect with State/UT
• Vertical for Registration Schemes

A: EQP, which stands for Education Quality Promotion, has the primary goal of promoting the concept of quality in schools, educational institutions, and other establishments in the education sector Pan India. The objective is to instil a sense of quality among children/students by engaging them in interactive workshops, training programs, and competitions that contribute to their overall development.
A: The primary objective is to promote Quality amongst all stakeholders through interactions. The Conclaves aim to reach out to a larger section of people and enhance the understanding of quality practices in the competitive world and provide directions for the adoption of innovative practices for the shaping of a better future.
A: Industry Professionals, Business Owners/entrepreneurs/start up’s, Consultants, Auditors/Assessors, Academicians, Researchers, Students & others interested organisations/individuals.
For physical as well as virtual events, interested organizations/individuals can attend by registering on the registration link provided for the specific event and also on the QCI social media posts. Joining link is shared with the registered participants.
A: Quality Setu Website is a web/mobile application through which a user can access information about QCI, avail its services and also raise a concern or query. This platform shall serve as single source of Information about QCI & its Boards/Divisions.
A: To create a demand-driven system for Quality, QCI connects with States & UTs and assists them in relevant areas. Government collaborations are explored to provide benefits to QCI accredited stakeholders along with exploring the inclusion of accreditations in relevant policies of the State/UT.
A: This vertical executes Quality Improvement projects/activities/Award Schemes of Government Departments/Ministries and provide technical support to them as and when required.
A: To certify the credentials of the competent Auditors & Consultants and also assist the organizations in selecting the competent person through the register of Auditors/ Consultants maintained by NBQP.
A: NBQP’s activities are primarily aimed at the citizens of India and also for the benefit of organizations, including industries, government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare providers.
A: Organizations can avail of NBQP’s services by contacting them through their website or by attending one of their Conclaves, Networking meet, training programs or workshops.

In case of any queries, user may contact NBQP at:
Toll-free no.: +91-11-2332-3415
E-mail: nbqp@qcin.org

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